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While enjoying life, we sometimes forget that there are still people throughout the world living in unacceptable conditions. Especially children suffer, and are deprived of essential necessities such as education, clothing, housing and nutrition. The goal of Menua Foundation is to do something for this category of people who are desperately in need for help. .

Unfortunately we are not able to help everyone so we have decided to focus on Armenia (a country that was part of the former Soviet Union) and help Armenians. The contrast in this country between the rich and the poor is immense.

To be able to provide proper help, we have a number of volunteers in Armenia.

The Menua Foundation has launched projects to support orphans and the elderly in particular. There is a partnership with a number of orphanages. This aim is to provide them with all the necessary means needed. The Menua Foundation differs because the volunteers support and realize the projects personally, no middlemen are involved. Moreover, the Menua Foundation works in full transparency.

Of course, like any humanitarian organization, we are in need of resources. If you would like to make a donation are support us please click the Help us button. We will keep you informed and updated of the projects. Thank you.


Certainly, the Menua Foundation is unable to help all in desperate need from different parts of the world. Therefore, its aim is to offer help to a specific group of people residing in Armenia.

Armenia is a former Soviet republic. There is a contrast between the rich and the poo and there are rising numbers of Armenians who live below the poverty line.

In order to help those in need, the Foundation has arranged for local volunteers.

The Menua Foundation started a number of projects that focus on helping and supporting orphans and the elderly. Collaborations with orphanages and retirement homes have been established. The emphasis of these collaborations is to focus on the wellbeing of the children and the elderly.

The Foundation distinguishes itself from others by coordinating the support locally, namely, with the help of the volunteers and the members of the Foundation. Moreover, the Foundation operates in complete transparency.

Zoals elke humanitaire organisatie, hebben ook wij uw geld hard nodig. Wilt u ons steunen? Via de knop donatie kunt een een willekeurig bedrag storten op onze rekening. Wij zorgen ervoor dat dit goed wordt besteedt en als u dat wilt, houden we u natuurlijk op de hoogte van de projecten, waar Stichting Menua aan werkt.

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