Menua Foundation was established to assist this group of people and helping where it can. Menua Foundation has focused on Armenia, a country that was formerly part of the former Soviet Union. There is a great contrast in Armenia between people who have sufficient income and a large group of people who live below the poverty line heavily.


I soon noticed that there is increasing demand for help came from Armenia. Therefore I decided to call, so that you can help improve it! Lives of disadvantaged children and the elderly can Menua Foundation.

Our history

We would like to tell you why this page Menua foundation in life is called and who the people are behind Menua Foundation. My name is Laura Avetisyan, president of Foundation Menua. I was born in Armenia itself and living in the Netherlands since 1994. I’ve been through a lot in Armenia and know that they get a support from you and desperately need me. So I feel responsible for this support since I live in the Netherlands.

Who is the person behind the Menua Foundation?

Mrs. Laura Avetisyan is the President of the Menua Foundation. She was born in Armenia, and is living in the Netherlands since 1994. She overcame many struggles living in Armenia. She feels she has a duty to support those desperately in need. The increasing demand for help from Armenia made her decide to establish a foundation.

                      OUR TEAM

Our team consists of Mrs L.R Avetisyan and Mr. H.C. de Boer