To the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory



To the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory

The children from the Orphanage for disabled children had asked the Foundation to organize an excursion to the Byurakan Observatory. It was decided that the trip would take place in September 2016.

The buses were ready for departure in the early morning hours. The children were very excited, an adventure was about to happen! While the children were seated in the buses, small backpacks were given out to them. This backpacks included sweets and lemonade for the trip.

On the way, everyone was enjoying the beautiful landscape views. The mountains, the forests, the flowers and the plants were breathtaking. The children in particular were impressed.

Halfway through the journey, it was time to make a stop and enjoy a delicious lunch. Barbecue and kebab sandwiches came to the rescue. Thereafter, the journey resumed towards the Observatory.

Finally, the buses arrived at the destination. A guide was assigned to the group. He started by telling the group about when and how the Observatory was founded. He also explained the importance and the role of the famous academician Victor Hdscn0032dscn0025mbartsumian. After a tour of the academician’s house, the group was taken to the actual Observatory. There stood a big, roundly shaped, building. In order to enter this building everyone had to climb the outside stairs. Once in the building, a corridor brought the group into another space. Here, behind the glass, a large telescope was visible. The guide explained that it was not possible to see the stars through the telescope and that looking at the stars actually occurred through computers which were located in another room.

After the explanation, the group was able to watch an animated film about planets and falling stars such as meteorites.

After the excursion, the buses drove back to Yerevan. Everyone enjoyed some ice-cream before returning to the orphanage.

It was a great day for the children, the supervisors, and the members of the Foundation.