ARMENIA 2012 naar dierentuin, nieuwe meubels

Armenia 2012

First of all we want to thank our sponsors again for a successful season for Foundation Menua” in which there is made ​​possible by financial support. Much as possible Like every year, this year the Foundation “Menua” some projects may do for children in Armenia again.

Just a sample of one of our projects that took place in village Marmarashen . We have been approached by the local mayor that some needs were for the school that could be such a shortage of books, school materials, etc. We have visited the school and the school board discussed unrealized. This showed that especially the children of poor families could not pay their textbooks this category of people has in all areas heavily and living below the poverty line . We have the list of disadvantaged families asked and we intend to help them. We will also purchase study materials for academic 2013.Ten Finally we are klaas visited classrooms and talked with the students . We also wanted to organize something fun for the kids . The kids really wanted to go to the zoo . We did that for each other and had done everything to give . A fun and carefree day For these children , it is an experience to go to the zoo. There they saw different species of animals from all over the world . The kids had the whole day to the animals looked drunk and ate delicious spelled out in the playground.

Furthermore, we had already been to a sponsorship letter said that we would like to support by purchase including chairs , tables and desks a nursery for this year , we can also gratify do here that this weather is also thanks to all the support also realized.

Even when giving workshops this season just gone again , trying to bring the children herein . Several skills English lessons regularly in the program.

During the winter we also regularly send warm clothes for people who can not pay , eg their energy.

We can not stress enough that support for these groups, we desperately need your support and assistance also for 2013 to be as successful again.