Armenia is a former Soviet republic and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in 1991, had left the country in an economic malaise. Only a small portion of the population was fortunate to be rich. Not much has changed since then.

According to the World Bank data, currently, about 30% of the Armenian population lives under the poverty line, especially children and the elderly. The Menua Foundation supports orphans who end up on the streets once they reach the age of 18. These children do not receive any support from their relatives nor do they have any income to survive. 

The Menua Foundation has decided to create a sewing studio for this group of children (girls in this case) in order for them to learn basic skills, to operate independently and to earn basic income to survive in the future. The studio is located in the village of Norhachin which is about 20 minutes away from the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan.

A seamstress from Yerevan has been hired to teach this group of girls. She is responsible for teaching them how to sew bedding, curtains, cushions and clothing and other skills.    

The lessons include preparation, cutting and pattern drawing. As well as sewing parts together, in order to create the end products. These tasks are not easy and the girls need to have enough experience and skills to be able to operate independently.

Once the girls are skilled enough, they create their own clothing as well as clothing for retail at the local bazar. The proceeds are used for the girls as well as the studio. Once this group of girls is ready and skilled enough, it is time to teach a new group of girls.